How to Encourage Communication with Nonverbal Children 

Communication is not boxed in like so many of you think of communication. Communicating through speech is one of the many ways of communication. There are other ways to communicate to other people nonverbally. A speech-language pathologist would be able to help an individual with communication problems. Not only in speech or verbally but also in communicating nonverbally.  

Nonverbal Children

Nonverbal individuals like your child will be able to speak or at the very least understand what is being said. As a parent going to the speech language pathologist is not enough you want to be able to support your child even in the most difficult times. There are some ways that as a parent you can make a opportunities for your child to be included.  

Use simple language 

Nonverbal children are

cryptomix not much different with verbal children. They just don’t speak the way we expect them. However, just because they are not verbal that you should not talk to them. You should still talk with them, by using simple language. When you are giving commands, you should use simple language. When asking questions, you should use simple language. Vocabulary may seem important to others. However, that isn’t always the case. You should focus on your child’s well-being more than others thoughts.  

Space for Communication  

You should also give space for communication for your child. When you ask your child a question, you should not expect your non-verbal child to answer you immediately rather wait for them to react what for subtle cues from them and then answer as immediately as possible. This is a great way of showing your child the dynamics of communication.  

Enjoy each other’s company  

You should also enjoy each other’s company. You can simply encourage your child with simple activities that allows you to talk and for them to listen. Activities for the two of you to communicate without pressure. There is so much that could happen when one is spending time with their kids. You can talk, read sing with them. Although it is clear that they won’t be talking anytime soon, however in time that may change even for a fraction and that is enough.  

Social Interaction  

As mentioned before there should be an abundance of social interaction with the child. However, not always with yourself alone. There should still be a time wherein your child can spend time with other children. Even though he or she cannot speak the yet, there is so much they can learn with spending time with kids their same age. So, look for opportunities wherein they can do something like this. 

Tactile Experiences 

Toys and other manipulatives should be tactile. It should be able to spark curiosity and that it should be reach in stimuli. This helps a child to work through some problems like a shape not being able to go in the hole. This may prompt them to ask for help. You should give them experiences that is tactile and so they are able to make connections even in little ways.